Coffee Commitment

Most of us see, smell and taste coffee, but how many of us actually know where it comes from. Have you ever seen a coffee tree?  How does it get from this grape looking object to our taste buds?  Please check out the full story at Dunkin’ online. Enjoy these interesting facts.

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It can take a coffee tree up to FIVE years to mature and be ready for harvesting.

  • Coffee beans are not really beans at all, they are actually seeds of coffee cherries that are harvested and processed to get coffee beans.
  • Roasting of the beans is done at 400 degrees Fahrenheit to produce the right color and sweet flavor.
  • Beans are blended using the same recipe as Dunkin’ used when they were founded in 1950.
  • Dunkin’ coffee experts conduct a “full sensory” test of an average of 200 cups a day to ensure that the coffee is meeting their high quality standards.
  • After the beans are selected to meet the brewing standards of Dunkin’, they are sent to the shop where you maintain the required brewing standards to produce consistent quality.

Our company is serious about taste and committed to quality. We take many steps to enforce procedures that deliver consistent quality and the best possible taste to our guests, all while paying special attention to delivering exceptional service.  Employees at every level receive ongoing and paid training to meet this commitment.